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I’ve recently started going to the cinema every week and that got me thinking about starting up this blog. To start off I’m posting my review of ‘The Theory of Everything’ today and then there will be a new post every Saturday. There should be a mix of films to read about, it all depends on what’s on at the cinema when we go, but we do try and see different genres not just rom-coms! Anyway, here’s my review:

The Theory of Everything

I was really excited to go see ‘The Theory of Everything’, not particularly because I have a big interest in Stephen Hawking but purely because I love Eddie Redmayne! Of course I was a little intrigued about Stephen’s life, for our generation he’s just always been the very clever man in the wheelchair, so it’s easy to forget that he was a normal walking talking person once upon a time. Before the film was released here there were already rumours of Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for both Eddie and Felicity Jones (who plays Jane Hawking, Stephen’s first wife) and as I write this Eddie has indeed won a Golden Globe for Best Actor!

The film itself is brilliantly done, the storyline is well written and everyone involved has done a great job at making it visually stunning. The film introduces us to Stephen as a young university student and we are 7taken through his time there as he starts upon his scientific quest and meets and falls in love with Jane. We then see Stephen and his family come to terms with his diagnosis of Motor-Neurone Disease and the fact that he has been given only 2 years to live. Stephen tries to shut Jane out but she is having none of it, they marry and go on to have three children.

The rest of the film shows the struggles the family went through as Stephen slowly gets worse. As the film is based on the memoirs of Jane Hawking we are shown her personal struggle as the man she loves changes before her eyes, trapping her in a life which she perhaps didn’t think would last so long. Felicity Jones does an outstanding job of portraying Jane, and though Eddie does a sterling job as Stephen, in my eyes it is Felicity that is the stand out of the film. She expertly shows the inner struggles that Jane went through, having given up her degree and career to look after Stephen and their three children. Felicity is a brilliant actress and I’m sure we’ll see more of her in the coming years, I only hope that she doesn’t get overlooked for awards because she is new and relatively unknown.

I would really recommend this film, it is a beautiful love-story, with just enough science so you don’t get confused, with a brilliant cast too. David Thewlis (Professor Lupin to us Harry Potter geeks!) is one of Stephen’s professors and Maxine Peake is Elaine Mason, Stephen’s nurse who later becomes his second wife. Stephen has a brilliant sense of humour too so it’s not all doom-and-gloom!