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Before I start I’m just going to say I absolutely LOVED this film! I thoroughly recommend it and would be very happy to watch it again many times. On to the actual review now…

Recently there have been a lot of romance films out so happily this was nothing of the sort and meant I could immerse myself in some action (contrary to popular belief, girls do like action films!). Kingsman is about a secret spy organisation that is looking for their next member. Each original member picks out a recruit and they are put through various tests with the winner being officially welcomed into the organisation. Whilst this is happening though a global threat emerges and the organisation must take down the enemy before he takes over the world’s population.

There were two things that drew me to this film, firstly Colin Firth (because who doesn’t love a bit of Colin?) and secondly a lot of people were saying it was basically a new James Bond. I love the Bond films (even if it did take me until last year to watch Daniel Craig’s ones because I was so upset Pierce had gone I refused to watch them!) therefore I was very happy to go see a film with a similar premise. I think it’s fair to say that both of my reasons for going paid off! Colin is incredible as Harry Hart, a member of the Kingsman organisation who takes the young street kid ‘Eggsy’ under his wing as a way of repaying the debt towards Eggsy’s father who died saving Harry’s life when Eggsy was very young. As part of the role Colin goes through some incredible action scenes, showing off some pretty impressive moves for a gentleman of his age!

Eggsy is played by Taron Egerton, Kingsman3someone who I think may be one to watch over the coming years – he was also recently in Testament of Youth as Vera’s Brittain’s brother. Eggsy is an unrefined Londoner with no real prospects and spends his time trying to protect his mother from his nasty step-father and his even nastier mates. When Harry approaches him he sees it as a way out but is soon daunted by the whole organisation and the rather more posh applicants. However he becomes determined to prove them all wrong and along the way gets caught up in the global threat that emerges. I think Taron plays the character of Kingsman2Eggsy very well, you instantly fall in love with his character even though he does start off as a bit of a bad boy, but it is soon clear that all he cares about is keeping his mum and baby sister safe. Of course the fact that Taron is very easy on the eye makes the film all the more enjoyable to watch, particularly once he starts wearing a suit…!

The James Bond connection is very much true, you can see it all in the fact that they are spies saving the world and also in all the gadgets that the characters use. For example, an umbrella that opens up and becomes a bullet-proof shield and glasses that have special lenses to show secret information. The film also includes slow-motion and special effects to heighten the action and make it all very dramatic and tense.

Differences about the film would be the level of violence that is shown. Everything is a lot more graphic than the Bond films with people’s various body parts being sliced off in front of your eyes. The main difference though, and I think this may be what made me like the film so much, was the humour included throughout. There were a lot of laugh out loud moments – the majority from Eggsy – which stopped the film from being too heavy and made you like the characters even more. The film in a way is making fun of the Bond films, there is an obvious class division between Harry and Eggsy, and the main enemy (played by Samuel L. Jackson) has a very obvious lisp, making anything he says hard to take serious! The fact that Eggsy is a street kid also makes the film more real and urban unlike the Bond films which is very upper-class!Kingsman1

Overall I think this is a film a lot of people will love. Both guys and girls will like it for the action and humour and of course us girls also get to watch Colin and Taron! The rest of the cast are also fantastic, with Michael Caine, Mark Strong and Samantha Womack all bringing brilliant performances. It is also a great storyline with a lot of twists and turns along the way..!