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Jupiter AscendingJupiter Ascending follows Jupiter (Mila Kunis) a human who gets swept up into a world of different planets and species as it turns out that she is the reincarnation of the Queen of another planet. This Queen had owned the Earth and in her passing had bequeathed it to her reincarnation. Her three children Balem (Eddie Redmayne), Kalique (Tuppence Middleton) and Titus (Douglas Booth) all want the Earth for themselves. Before the finding of Jupiter the Earth had passed to Balem therefore he is desperate to have Jupiter killed so he can continue ruling. Titus on the other hand Jupiter Ascending 2wants her alive in order to marry her and take Earth for himself, therefore he sends down Caine (Channing Tatum) a genetically engineered being made up of half human half wolf, to find Jupiter and bring her to him.

Jupiter is a cleaner, who lives with her mum, aunt and cousins in a house in Chicago. Her father was killed in a burglary before she was born and so her mother had to move in with her family and work for her cousin as a means of surviving. Their life is tough, getting up early to clean other people’s houses for not much money. During one of these cleaning sessions the owner, Katharine, is getting dressed for a date, when Jupiter goes into the closet to help pick something out she hears a noise and turning back to the main room sees Katharine suspended in the air and surrounded by strange aliens. She takes a picture on her phone but the aliens spot her and charge. Moments later Jupiter emerges from the closet looking a little confused but not remembering anything.

Jupiter continues about her life and when talkingJupiter Ascending 4 to one of her cousins it is revealed that he has convinced her to sell her eggs to a clinic so they can get $15,000. Jupiter has agreed in order to buy a telescope, as her father used to own one himself and was a lover of the stars. However when at the clinic she is tied down to the bed and the ‘operators’ proceed to try and kill her, it is not until Caine arrives and rescues her that she finds out what is happening to her.

The two of them then go on a journey into space in order to save Jupiter’s life and stop the siblings fighting over Earth. Through this journey Jupiter and Caine become close and it is soon clear they have fallen for each other with Caine rescuing Jupiter from the clutches of her enemies many times.

Overall the film is quite good, story wise it’s a lot like Thor with it having a human girl finding out about this other planet and falling for a different species, but it’s not too similar that you feel like you’ve already seen it before. Visually the film is stunning, there are a lot of visual effects that helps build up the drama of the fighting scenes with car chases, collapsing buildings and flying machines battling it out (these scenes when they came did go on for a bit longer than necessary though). All of the cast are brilliant, Mila and Channing have a great connection and you can really see their characters falling for each other. Jupiter Ascending 3Eddie Redmayne (who I feel is everywhere at the moment!) is great as Balam, though weirdly his face doesn’t move and he speaks in a strange low voice – something which takes a bit of getting used to. Sean Bean also makes an appearance as Stinger, a former friend of Caine’s who upon finding out who Jupiter really is helps them escape from the aliens.

Two things annoyed me about the film, firstly there are an awful lot of characters, all working for different people so I often got confused as to who were the good guys and who were the bad. It didn’t help that they had a habit of switching sides too making me even more confused. Secondly there was a strange mix of English and American accents, with no real reason as to why. I thought at first the American’s were human and the English not, but Caine is American so that doesn’t fit. It’s not so bad that it distracts you from the film but it did leave me a little confused afterwards.

It’s still a reasonably good film though, and there is a whole section where Channing is topless which always improves a film in my eyes…!