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The wedding ringer

The Wedding Ringer follows Doug Harris (Josh Gad) a socially awkward groom-to-be who two weeks before his wedding still has no Best Man or Groomsmen or any friends for that matter! Doug is left to hire Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart) who runs a business performing Best Man duties for grooms that are lacking friends. However Jimmy has never had a task quite so big as Doug’s as not only does he need to be best man but he needs to find 6 groomsmen and convince the bride’s family that they have all been friends for years and all in just 2 weeks. As you can imagine chaos ensues with problems cropping up all over the place but all in hilarious ways.

I thought this film was quite good, I didn’t find it as funny as some of the others in the cinema but that might be because the humour is aimed more towards guys. The storyline itself is very good, there are a few deep conversations mixed in with the humour, making the characters more rounded and loveable but ultimately the film is a comedy so there’s nothing too serious to dampen the mood.

All the cast are brilliant, Josh Gad is great as the loveable (and slightly chunky) guy who can’t believe his luck in marrying Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting – Penny from Big Bang Theory) so is desperate to look cool in frThe wedding ringer 3ont of her by having loads of mates and not reveal the sad truth. Kevin Hart is brilliant as Jimmy, he is a comedian in real life and so brings the comedy timings perfectly throughout. The relationship between Jimmy and Doug is perfect, they bounce off each other and bring most of the laughs – in particular their dance-off – but you can see a real friendship starting to form between the two of them as their journey continues.

The odd assemble of men that Jimmy finds to play the groomsmen provides much entertainment, particularly when they are introduced to the bride’s family. They each have a party trick that they are to pull out if they ever get put in a position where their cover will be blown, these range from being able to talk backwards, speaking in a British accent, taking their top off to reveal a very toned body and in one case dislocating his arm! The fact that all of these men are supposed to be friends is slightly unbelievable but I think that’s supposed to be the point. They’re all guys who society might over-look and so in that they have a bond and by the end of the film Doug’s quest to find a Best Man and groomsmen has been fulfilled – even if he did have to pay them at first!

TThe wedding ringer 2here’s plenty of similar films out there so it’s nothing new (proven by the fact that in the trailers before the film they showed Get Hard, where a gentleman seeks help on how to survive a spell in prison, coincidently starring Kevin Hart as the guy who helps!) but it’s good if you’re looking for something light-hearted with a brilliant cast.

(There’s even a cameo from Josh Peck aka Josh from Drake & Josh, a show which I was obsessed with as a kid!)