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This week saw the final episode of Sky Atlantic’s psychological thriller Fortitude. This new series was given a huge build up as Sky’s newest expensive drama with massive posters all over London and even a fake giant Polar Bear that travelled the underground! Now I shall be honest here and admit that I recorded the first episode as I was out and it wasn’t until 7 weeks later that I finally sat down and started watching them! However, once I started I couldn’t stop! I was hooked after the first one and binge-watched the rest over the course of two days. On Thursday this week we were given the final episode where the dramatic storyline came to a close. As I loved it so much I thought that this week’s blog would be a round up of the series.

The series is set in a small Icelandic town, cut off from any other civilisation, and run by the Governor and a small Police force. It’s a peaceful town and considered one of the safest, there has never been a violent crime there. Until now. For the first episode brings us the death of a British resident, leading to an investigation from England, led by DCI Eugene Morton (Stanley Tucci). Morton’s arrival stirs up trouble as he starts to uncover truths that weren’t meant to be revealed.

As the series progresses more deaths occur, and we are shown some murders through the use of flashbacks. We may now know who the various killers are but the means in which they attack and why they do is left untold. For these murders are brutal and inhumane. Each episode leaves you with questions and keeps you hooked the whole way through, it’s not until the final episode that answers are given. For it turns out that primeval wasps that had been frozen for centuries had been unearthed when a mammoth carcass was brought to the surface. These wasps then latched onto any living form and took over their bodies, leading to the brutal attacks. All a bit strange but it does make sense in a way!

As the final episode aired it was announced that Fortitude would return for a second series and they certainly made sure there were questions left unanswered for the next series! Though it looks like the mystery has been solved and the wasps killed off, they do not know how many people may have been affected for all the townspeople have had contact with victims at some point. There is also poor Vincent and Elena to think about, both infected and currently in confinement in hospital. It’s only a matter of time before the wasps take over them too.

Whilst the mystery of the killings was being solved we were shown into the lives of many of the townspeople with some episodes focusing on certain characters. This meant that you really understood all the different relationships, though a lot were revealed to you very slowly!

The cast were all fantastic, there is a real mix of English and Icelandic as well as well-known faces and new ones. Christopher Ecclestone is a key character in the first episode but unfortunately he doesn’t last very long… Michael Gambon, Sofie Gråbøl and Jessica Raine make up other known faces, but the cast as a whole were all brilliant. In particular Stanley Tucci, and Richard Dormer who plays Dan the head of police. The cast also did a great job seeing as they had to film in what looked like freezing temperatures! The setting was beautiful, with plenty of snow covered mountains and picturesque views. You can see why Sky spent a fortune making the series!

Overall the series was fantastic, I was hooked the whole way through and though the killings were a little gross at times (think Game of Thrones style!), it just added to the suspense of the drama. I would really recommend this if you like thrillers as it will certainly keep you guessing!