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This film only officially came out yesterday (June 5th) but my cinema had a preview screening on the 2nd and because my friend and I were so desperate to see it we took this opportunity! Unfortunately at no point did anyone tell us that because it was a preview screening there would be no adverts/trailers before the film (I don’t know if this is usual with previews or if it was just for this screening..?). Luckily we were in our seats at the correct time but others who thought they would be skipping the trailers came 20 minutes into the film and interrupted everyone (because of course they were all sitting in the middle of rows!).

Spy follows the brilliant Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper, a desk-bound CIA agent who helps behind the scenes in instructing Agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) through an ear-piece as to where the enemies are and how to get out of various situations. In the opening scenes of the film we are given a very James Bond style action sequence – something which I think was done deliberately as the whole film aims to make fun of the typical spy films – we see Jude Law tracking down a criminal and then escaping from the situation as more bad guys come after him. There is a lot of fighting, gun shots and even an explosion, all of which is followed by the opening credits which is complete with a Bond style theme tune!

Of course this isn’t a typical spy film as the lead role goes not to Jude Law but Melissa, who after a task goes wrong must take over from Jude in tracking down and stopping Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) from selling a nuclear bomb and creating a global disaster. Melissa’s character Susan is only chosen to go undercover because all the other agents have been seen by Rayna before, something which British Agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham) is strongly against. He subsequently quits but refuses to let go of the case and crops up over again believing Susan is incapable of completing the task, but in reality he just makes things worse!

Susan is made up at finally being able to go into the field but is hugely disappointed by the undercover characters she is given – both of which are hilarious for us but not for Susan’s self-esteem! Helping Susan back in the office is her friend Nancy, played by the brilliant Miranda Hart in her first film role. If you love her TV show Miranda then you will not be disappointed as Nancy is very much the same and is British which is excellent as I don’t think I would have liked to hear Miranda Hart doing any other accent than her own!

The whole cast is fantastic, from Melissa who is exceptional as Susan who is desperate to prove she is just as good an agent as all the men; to Jude Law who is the perfect suave American Spy (even if he does have strange dyed hair!); and Jason Statham as the typical macho man who has many exchanges with Melissa where he proceeds to tell her all of the very strange and hard to believe stories in which he has been the hero of. Rose Byrne is brilliant as the evil Rayna, wearing a lot of very tight dresses and with the biggest hair do ever, but she has some great one-liners and works perfectly alongside McCarthy’s heroine. Writer and director Paul Fieg – who also directed Bridesmaids which both McCarthy and Byrne star in, did a great job in bringing these two girls back together again!

Overall the film is very very funny, I was laughing the whole way through because all of the characters bring an element of humour. Of course Melissa is by far the best but then this is the kind of role she is made for! It is also very funny to see Jason Statham playing a role that in a way takes the mick out of all the action roles he is used to playing! Though this is a female driven film, it will still appeal to men as the humour, the action/fighting and the twists and turns in the storyline will keep everyone hooked. I think this is possibly one of the best films I have seen in a long time, and would really recommend it! Only note I would make is that it is a little gory-er than you would expect, for example in one scene a knife goes completely through someone’s hand, but Susan’s reaction to this is priceless which helps to take your mind away from it! Oh and the brilliant Allison Janney also stars as the head of the CIA, and there is a cameo from 50 Cent of all people! A brilliant film, and an absolute must-see!