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Jurassic World is the lastest film in the Jurassic Park franchise, the first of which was released 22 years ago (making it only a year younger than myself!) and was a huge success. There have been several sequels but none could live up to the first, which is why this film has had critics and fans nervously awaiting it’s release. I must admit I have seen the original but it was an awfully long time ago so I can’t remember much other than there’s dinosaurs and a lot of people died! I’m not really sure as to why I went to go see Jurassic World other than I was curious and I like Chris Pratt who stars in it. It’s also a different genre to write about so I thought you might all like the change too!

The storyline picks up 22 years after the fateful events of Jurassic Park and the island now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park run by Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard). However with visitor rates declining a new attraction is created to spark interest. This attraction is a genetically created dinosaur, Indominus Rex, a hybrid of many different dinosaurs. The plan is to unveil it to the public but before they can do that they must make sure the enclosure is safe. To do this they call in Owen (Chris Pratt) a Velociraptor trainer. However when inspecting the compound disaster strikes, the dinosaur escapes and starts heading towards the main park killing everything in its way. Claire and Owen must race to take it down before the public and Claire’s nephews are harmed.

Overall the storyline is very good, there are plenty of twists and turns and lots of brilliant imagery from the dinosaurs themselves to the technology within the park – for example holograms and a glass dome car thing that you use to roam amongst the dinosaurs (pictured). There’s not too much dinosaur talk that you won’t understand what’s being said, so don’t worry if you’re not a dinosaur geek! You also don’t need to have seen the first film to see this one, there are a few links back to the original, for example Claire’s nephews find a room that clearly has equipment from the days of Jurassic Park but it’s not really mentioned otherwise.

Chris Pratt is excellent as the action hero, he’s really starting to shine in these roles but hopefully he will keep doing comedy too as that’s what he’s known best for. He definitely ticks all the boxes for the lead role in this film though, his character is smart, heroic and very easy on the eye! Chris was promoted as the lead character but for me I think Bryce Dallas Howard is really the lead. Her character Claire goes through a real journey through the events of the film. When we first meet her she is very business orientated with little to no time for her two visiting nephews. However when the disaster strikes she is determined to find them and keep them safe. Bryce is excellent in this role, we see different sides to her character and the relationship between herself and Chris on screen is very realistic making their characters all the more believable. She also does an awful lot of running in heels which is an incredible feat!

All the cast are brilliant, and there are a few known faces in the form of Jake Johnson (New Girl), Judy Greer (The Other Woman) and Lauren Lapkus (Orange is the New Black). Every character is relate-able and of course there are a few evil ones thrown in to mix things up too!

I would really recommend this film, it definitely deserves all the hype it has received as it is a very entertaining watch. You will be gripped throughout and once that dinosaur escapes you will be fearing for everyone’s lives! It’s certified as a 12A and is definitely a film all the family can enjoy! Though once the dinosaur starts killing it does get a little graphic/scary so maybe not for anyone too young.