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The hotly anticipated film of the summer was finally released on July 3rd and after seeing quite a few teasers online I was desperate to see it! Now lets be honest here and agree that Magic Mike was only good for the stripping and the gorgeous cast led by Channing Tatum. The actual storyline of the first film was (for me) incredibly boring and felt like it went on forever!! The only saviour was the stripping! Therefore I didn’t have very high expectations for the sequel I just wanted to see some more of Channing and the men! However, you will be pleased to know that not only is there a lot more stripping going on in Magic Mike XXL, it is also really funny! I was crying tears of laughter over one scene (Joe Manganiello in the petrol station shop) and there were plenty more laugh out loud moments throughout the entire film.

So the story picks up three years on from when Mike (Channing) has left the Kings of Tampa and opened his own furniture design business, however money is tight and he is struggling to pay his one and only staff member. A chance meeting with his former colleagues – all of which are back except Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) and Adam (Alex Pettyfer) – leads to his decision to join them on their last trip to the renowned Stripper Convention in Myrtle Beach. The film then follows them on their road trip to the convention and all the struggles they face in order to pull off their last blow-out performance.

Along the way they meet Zoe (Amber Heard aka the new Mrs Jonny Depp) who is struggling to be happy after a huge job opportunity fell through, but forms a connection with Mike who just wants to put a smile back on her face. Though a nice friendship is formed and there is a hint of a future romance between the two the film doesn’t focus too much on this aspect but is instead all about the men and how they just want to go out with a bang! Another new character is Rome (Jada Pinkett Smith) the owner of a private stripper club and Mike’s former employer before he left to join Dallas and the Kings of Tampa. Mike is forced to turn to her for help but she is understandably not impressed and makes him work for her forgiveness (cue a very raunchy stripping routine from the lovely Channing…). There is also an appearance by Elizabeth Banks who is fast becoming one of my favourite actresses, as well as Andy MacDowell from Four Weddings and a Funeral fame!

As for the men themselves, all are just as good and just as hot as they were in the first film, Channing, Joe and Matt Bomer in particular are very pleasing to the eye and you will be pleased to know there are are a lot of occasions where they aren’t wearing much at all…! Aside from the stripping the bromance between the men is excellent with a lot of banter between them which brings out the funny moments. 

Overall I really enjoyed this film (and not just because of the hot guys stripping..!) the storyline was surprising funny with a brilliant ending, the soundtrack is excellent, the dancing is on point and Channing is just as gorgeous with some amazing arm muscles that he shows off on many occasions! So as a whole it’s a great film. It’s certainly a hell of lot better than the first one! Definitely a film for the girls though, sorry lads!