I absolutely love Reese Witherspoon, she has starred in some of my favourite films (Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde Walk the Line to name a few!) and so I was looking forward to her newest release: Hot Pursuit. The film follows Reese’s character Cooper, an uptight and by-the-book cop who is ordered to protect a witness in a drug trial, the very loud and outgoing widow of a drug boss played by the brilliant Sofia Vergara. However in the quest to get to the trial the two women find themselves being pursued by murderous gunmen and crooked cops and so must race to get to safety.

The two women are very different characters and there are a lot of jokes made at this expense, for example a running theme is Cooper’s height which shortens as the film goes on, much to the annoyance of Cooper! The chemistry between the two women is brilliant, both Reese and Sofia are comedy legends and so the two together work perfectly in this film. There are a lot of funny moments both from dialogue and action and there are also twists and turns that you won’t see coming in order to keep you hooked.

It’s great to have another action film led by women that is just as good as the ones before (think of the recent film Spy and of course the brilliant The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy) showing us that this style of film can be just as good when women are at the helm. Hopefully there will be a lot more like this in the future. Hot Pursuit also has a certain likeness to Miss Congeniality which is another great film!

The film also stars Robert Kazinsky who is most known over here for his role as Sean Slater in Eastenders. He makes a very convincing American and is also quite funny as the convict who falls for Cooper. He only has a small part but it’s nice to see he is getting good roles after Eastenders!

Overall I really liked this film, it’s a perfect girly film that will give you plenty of laughs with not too complex a storyline. Reese and Sofia are also the perfect double act and hopefully they will work together again one day.