I’d intended to see Joy this week but unfortunately it had sold out by the time we’d got to the front of the queue so we reluctantly went with the only other option left which was Daddy’s Girl. The film follows Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell) the Stepdad to two children who desperately wants them to love him and call him Dad. After months of trying things finally seem to be going his way but the arrival of their biological Dad, Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg) starts a competition between the two men todaddys-home-indian-motorcycle win the love of the children as well as Sara (Linda Cardellini) Dusty’s ex and Brad’s wife.

I’d had no real interest in seeing this film whenever I saw the trailer for it, mainly because it looked very much like boys’ humour, but actually I was
pleasantly surprised! Yes the humour was more suited to guys (as the howling group of lads in the front row proved) but I found myself laughing out loud on many occasion too. Will Ferrell is known for his silly comedic roles and this character of Brad suited him perfectly, but there is also a very endearing side to the film as it’s clear how much Brad loves those children even though he is not their biological father. He is so desperate not to biglose their love that he puts himself into dangerous situations in order to outshine Dusty.

Brad’s perfect husband/father role is completely contrasted by Dusty’s wild & sexy character. He is clearly a man who has always got what he wants and so he sees no challenge in getting back the life he left. For the majority of the film Dusty has the upper hand over Brad, as the situations the men find themselves in often suit Dusty more. Mark Wahlberg is also known for comedic roles and he definitely suits this character of Dusty as he pulls off the bad-boy look very well! The partnership of Ferrell and Wahlberg is possibly why Daddy’s Home is actually funny, they both bounce off each other perfectly and bring an equal amount of laughs to the film.mark-wahlberg-will-ferrell-linda-cardellini-in-daddys-home-1024x442

Overall I actually quite enjoyed this film, it’s light-hearted but has a sentimental feeling too – especially at the end. The humour in places is more suited to guys but there’s still plenty there for girls to enjoy – even if it’s just the sight of a topless Mark Wahlberg!