Based on the novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue, Room tells the story of Jack (Jacob Tremblay) , a five year old boy and his mother – Ma – (played by Brie Larson) who are being held captive in a small windowless room. Jack was born and raised in this room, he knows nothing else except what Ma has taught him, he only knows her company and believes everything he sees on their little TV is all make belief. For Jack, this room is their whole existence and he knows no other way of living. However as Jack grows older and starts to question their surroundings, the whole situation becomes too much for Ma and she realises that they need to escape. She hatches a risky plan which thankfully works out (not a spoiler it’s in the trailers!) but now Ma must adapt back into the life that she lost and Jack is thrown into a world that both excites and terrifies him. They both face difficulties but their extreme love for each other ensures that they face them together.

room-film-sept15Room has already had high praise from reviewers and earned itself plenty of awards nominations including Oscar’s for Best Director, Best Writing, Best Picture and Best Actress. Brie Larson has also already won Best Actress at the Golden Globes as well as the Critics Choice Awards and Jacob Tremblay won Best Young Performer at the Critics Choice Awards (giving possibly the best/cutest acceptance speech ever!). I have to say this film deserves every nomination and win it may get, the film is moving, powerful and extremely well acted from both Brie and Jacob. My friend has read the book it is based on and apparently it is true to the story, with the film only leaving out the more graphic details of Ma’s captivity.

Brie Larson has had small roles in various other films but this is her first time in a leadingroom_header-620x320 role. She is amazing as Ma, you instantly connect with her as she attempts to give Jack as normal a life as possible whilst all the time hiding her own struggles from him as she grieves for the life that was taken from her. Brie perfectly portrays the sadness, anger and love that Ma feels on a daily basis and her determination to get Jack out of this life is so strong that she puts her own freedom above his, hatching a plan that sees his escape but if it went wrong could leave her alone forever. Brie is definitely an actress that will go on to big things, there are moments of raw emotion in this film that will reduce you to tears all thanks to Brie’s acting and conviction in this role.

rak-room-a24films-e1448927172762The other stand out of Room is of course little Jacob Tremblay. Though only 9 years old he shows true acting talent, taking on and exceeding in a role that is far beyond his years. Jacob brilliantly portrays Jake throughout the film from the happy young boy growing up in the ‘room’ to the confused and scared child who has been thrown into this world that he didn’t know existed. Jake is the main focus in the second part of the film as he is introduced and adjusts to the real world. Jacob plays this perfectly, pulling at the audience’s emotions as he experiences new things, with and without his mum.


Overall Room is an exceptional film, I strongly recommend you see it. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay completely pull you in and give outstanding performances. The connection between Brie and Jacob as mother and son is beautiful, they completely connect on screen and show just how strong a mother-child relationship can be, even in the most trying of times. Though the story isn’t real, there are cases in which this situation has really happened and Room will leave you thinking about those and how all those involved must be feeling. For it’s not just the people who are taken that are affected, it’s the family and friends that are left behind too – as is shown through Ma’s parents and their now divided lives. Room is a film that will stay in my mind for a long time and I genuinely hope it wins big at the Oscars!