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I was very much looking forward to seeing How to Be Single, everything from the trailer to the various cast members promoting the film made this film the new must see for girls everywhere. The storyline follows Alice (Dakota Johnson) as she moves to New York after a recent break-up and is taken under the wing of Robin (Rebel Wilson) who has mastered the art of being single. We are also shown Alice’s sister Meg (Leslie Mann) the single 13440H2BS.DNGworkaholic who finds herself desperate for a baby and Lucy (Alison Brie) who is only after finding her perfect match through the multiple dating sites she has joined. It’s not all about the girls though as we meet Tom (Anders Holm) the ultimate ladies man who finds himself falling for the one girl who’s not interested and David (Damon Wayans Jr.) a recently widowed man who is struggling to move on from his wife.

Though the film is essentially all about love it’s not your typical romance film. Yes the women all want to find their soulmates but in some cases it takes a few frogs for them to realise life isn’t all about finding the perfect man. Alice as the lead goes from man-to-man but ultimately it’s herself that she finds and the realisation that she’s perfectly fine on her own – for the time being anyway!

There are plenty of comedic moments (though we noticed that one funny part from the trailer wasn’t even in the film!) mostly from Rebel Wilson’s character who takes the single girl party lifestyle very seriously! Rebel is known for these types of roles, and Robin is very much the same sort of character as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect so if you liked her in that then you’ll love her in this. I’ve only seen Dakota in Fifty Shades so it’s nice to see that there’s more to her than her ability to do sex scenes! As Alice she gives us an all-round performance with moments of humour, emotion and incredible clothes-envy!

Leslie Mann is also known for her comedic roles (17 Again, The Ohow-to-be-single-alison-briether Woman) and here she is excellent as Meg, the oldest one of the single ladies who decides to have a baby through a sperm donor and then proceeds to fight off the attention of Ken (Jake Lacy) who is determined to break through her independent woman act. Alison Brie is also brilliant as Lucy, I loved her as Trudy Campbell in Mad Men but this role really gives Alison a chance to shine. Her faith in the various dating sites finding her perfect match puts her in some hilarious situations but also shows a naive side which makes you connect to her instantly.

htbs_glamour_4feb16_pr_bThe men in the film are all great too though it’s mainly focused on the women. Overall How to Be Single is a great feel-good girly film, and it’s nice that the storyline sticks to the title and not all the women end up in a relationship by the end! There are also a lot of references to other typical girly films (Sex in the City, Bridget Jones) which of course every girl will get and there is a brilliant line from Robin when she quotes the Ross/Rachel “We were on a break” line from Friends which had everyone laughing out loud! The only downside would be that it’s not as funny as the trailer makes it out to be, but it’s still an enjoyable watch, it’s definitely one for a night with the girls! The soundtrack is also awesome with loads of upbeat party tracks to keep you entertained!