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Strangely this film had no promotion over here (none that I am aware of anyway), and we chose to see it purely because we didn’t fancy any of the other films available. None of us had any idea of the storyline but upon finding out that Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Twelve Years a Slave) were all involved we were very interested in seeing it. Secret in Their Eyes is a thriller split into two parts, the present day and 13 years previous. Both these parts are interlinked so you are constantly flicking back and forth making the storyline gripping as it slowly reveals the whole truth. The three lead characters Ray (Chiwetel), Claire (Nicole) and Jessica (Julia) are all police investigators that had been a close-knit group until the murder of Jessica’s daughter. The following investigation into the killer reveals a darker truth thatstill-of-nicole-kidman-julia-roberts-and-chiwetel-ejiofor-in-secret-in-their-eyes-2015-large-picture-0 ultimately lets him walk free. This leads us into the present day where Ray has returned back to city with the belief that he has finally found
the killer and a new chase begins.
Classed as a mystery thriller, Secret in Their Eyes is certainly that. It’s not so much of a thriller that you have to sleep with the light on (as I have had to do on a few occasions!) but the twists and turns of the mystery keep the mood tense and the audience gripped throughout. However the ending  definitely leaves you with chills and is one hell of a plot twist!

The acting is of course superb throughout but then you wouldn’t expect anything less from acting greats such as Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts. Chiwetel Ejiofor leads the investigation and is completely believable in juleshis quest to find the truth. It becomes clear that he is willing to do anything in order to help his friend deal with her loss and to ensure the killer gets what he deserves. Chiwetel shone in Twelve Years a Slave and it’s fair to say he does the same here. Julia is the stand out of the film though, her performance as the aggrieved mother is very powerful and for me it’s a role I haven’t seen her in before. Here, Julia is made to be scruffy and haggard as she slowly comes to turns with the loss of her daughter, and I’m more used to the Pretty Woman type characters! Julia’s acting abilities really come out in this film, in particular the scene in which she finds the body is extremely emotional for all involved and is some incredible acting by Julia.


Overall I really enjoyed Secret in Their Eyes and am very surprised at the lack of promotion it has received.  Nicole, Julia and Chiwetel are all fantastic throughout and the seamless transitions between the two time-frames make for a very thrilling watch. The storyline isn’t predictable at all and like I said before the ending is something you will not see coming! This is definitely a film that deserved more backing, it’s absolutely a film that I would recommend you see!