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the2bchoice2b20162benglish2bmovieAnother year and another film adaption of a Nicolas Sparks’ novel. The Choice brings the total to 11 and proves that Sparks has got the perfect love story formula down. It clearly works as The Choice is another lovely film, although not all too dissimilar to his previous stories…

thechoicetrailerAs is typical of Sparks the lead characters are country boy Travis (Benjamin Walker) and rich girl Gabby (Teresa Palmer). Their paths cross when Gabby moves next-door to Travis and it is soon clear that there are feelings between the two. However Gabby has a boyfriend, the lovely Doctor Ryan (Tom Welling), but when he goes away for a month Gabby starts to realise just how strong her feelings for Travis really are. Therein lies ‘The Choice’ as she must choose between the two men.

Though the storyline is very predictable and all a little bit cheesy, visually this film is stunning! There are some really beautiful shots of the sunset/sunrise over the lake and the majority of scenes have an orange glow about them giving off a sense of warmth and safety. Basically everything looks perfect and the location will make you very jealous that you don’t live there yourself!

344250_005The lead characters are both unknown to me but they act the parts very well. It is easy to like them and you will root for their relationship. The chemistry between the two is great which makes the attraction between them all the more believable. As with previous Sparks films (The Notebook, The Longest Ride) all the characters are incredibly good looking which just adds to the overall perfection. Of course it wouldn’t be a Sparks story without some sort of tragedy, something which affects Travis more and is acted very well by Benjamin. The supporting cast are all very good too, though again all unknown faces/names to me and the script even has some funny moments thrown in amongst the romance.

Nicolas Sparks has obviously decided that all his stories will have the same premise, so if you liked his other offerings then you will certainly like this. Overall it’s a nice film, something you don’t really have to concentrate through although it did feel like it went on for too long. The consensus amongst my friends was that the story should have ended after Gabby makes her choice between the men, instead it continues, bringing us the tragedy and about half an hour of unnecessary viewing. If you take anything away from this film it will be the longing to live wherever The Choice was set, it’s simply beautiful and the cinematographer really did do an excellent job at capturing it! Definitely one for the girls (although there were a few dutiful boyfriends in the audience!), until next time Sparks!the-choice

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