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When young con-artist Michael Mason (Richard Madden aka Prince Charming/Robb Stark) steals a woman’s bag he unknowingly finds himself interfering in a planned terrorist attack. With a bigger attack due, Michael must join forces with Sean Briar (Idris Elba), a former CIA agent, in order to clear his name and help take down the real culprits. Though the film is titled Bastille Day it doesn’t actually have any real connection to the French revolution in which thousands stormed the Bastille, other than the events in the film happening on the anniversary – 14th July – and it being set in Paris.

imageBastille Day is filled with action packed scenes, from rooftop chases to car chases and plenty of fighting. There are many twists and turns and there was even one moment in which we all gasped in shock and surprise. There is a level of tension throughout, nothing too nail-biting but enough to keep you interested. Due to it’s setting, there are a lot of French characters speaking English as well as a big proportion of the film being spoken in French (with English subtitles). Confusingly though, British Idris Elba and Scottish Richard Madden are both American in this.

Idris Elba is perfect in his role as a former CIA agent, he was born for this sort of role and there are even whispers that this was a chance for him bastille-day-4to show off his James Bond credentials! Richard Madden too is very good, it’s nice to see him wearing normal clothes for once and not the leotards/fake furs needed for Cinderella and Game of Thrones – though I could have done without the American accent. The two actors worked well together, even giving us moments of comedy.

Overall, Bastille Day is a good film for all to watch, there’s plenty of action for the men and Idris and Richard are very easy on the eye for the ladies! It’s not on a level with Bond or Jason Bourne but it’s still enjoyable to watch.