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When it was originally announced that there would be a Ghostbusters remake with a female cast a lot of people voiced their concerns. These ranged between people who believed the classic film shouldn’t be redone to it purely being down to the fact that females were taking over the roles – something which is frankly unacceptable in today’s world. Females are just as capable as men at doing anything they want to. With the film’s release there came a lot of mixed reviews, so I was unsure what to make of the film. Now, I must admit I’ve never seen the original Ghostbusters – of course I know the story and the iconic song, who doesn’t? – so I don’t have anything to compare the newest version too.

ghostbusters_2016_image_002-jpgSo the story follows paranormal enthusiasts Erin (Kristen Wiig) and Abby (Melissa McCarthy) who team up with nuclear engineer Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) and subway worker Patty (Leslie Jones) in order to track down and destroy the ghosts that keep appearing across New York City. The four hit many obstacles throughout the film, mainly that no one else believes that the ghosts really exist therefore their claims that the City is in danger falls on deaf ears. The four must then race against time in order to find out how and why the ghosts keep appearing and stop them before it’s too late.ghostbusters_2016_image_003-jpg

The storyline is simple but is packed with laughs. There were many moments where myself and the rest of the cinema audience were howling with laughter – something which doesn’t happen very often these days from ‘comedies’ – thanks mainly to the brilliant dialogue between the four women and their receptionist Kevin (played by the delicious Chris Hemsworth!). Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are well known for their comedic roles (the brilliant Bridesmaids being one they both starred in) though Melissa has also had a few film flops in her time too! Luckily, thanks to the partnership of director Paul Feig – who also directed Bridesmaids – and writer Katie leslie-jones-hits-back-at-ghostbusters-critics-on-twitter-888445Dippoid who brought us the brilliant The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa. The result is that this Ghostbusters is a genuinely funny film!

Melissa and Kristen are perfect as the slightly geeky women who just want to make their childhood dream of catching ghosts come true. Their characters are instantly lovable and the connection between the two actresses is genuine. Whilst the other two lead roles are filled with known names in America, over here,gb_headshot_thumbs_gb2016_03-1 Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are new to us. They are both stand up comedians and regularly perform on America’s biggest sketch show Saturday Night Live, therefore they are no strangers to comedy. Kate McKinnon in particular really excels in her role as the kooky Holtzmann. Hopefully we will start to see more of these two women over here, as they are clearly very talented.

ghostbusters-pics-chris-hemsworth-picChris Hemsworth is an absolute delight, not only is he absolutely beautiful but it turns out he is a brilliant comedic actor. His character Kevin is incredibly dim-witted and Chris plays this perfectly throughout, bringing a lot of laughs to the film. I absolutely loved how Kristin’s character Erin can’t help but be obsessed with him, acting how I’m sure many women would in his presence! It’s great to see another side to Chris, and hopefully this will open even more doors for him.

Considering this film is rated 12A the CGI used for the ghosts is actually pretty scary! There were a few occasions, particularly at the beginning of the film, when I started to worry that it was actually a horror film…something which I wouldn’t have been able to watch! Luckily for myself and my friends, the film plays off the classic horror notions of ghosts and haunted buildings and turns it so it’s funny – for fans of the originals the slime is still very much a big part of the film. There are also cameos from the original cast including Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver – something which I didn’t realise until after, having not seen the originals.ghostbusters-2016

Overall, I absolutely loved Ghostbusters, it’s been a long time since I’ve genuinely laughed out loud for the majority of a film! I don’t know whether if I’d seen the originals I would feel differently but for me the story line was new and thoroughly entertaining. I loved all the cast and the female empowerment that came from seeing four ordinary women take on the task of saving New York City. (On a side note, only a few weeks ago I actually went to New York for the first time so it was great to see these characters walking the streets of which I was in so recently!). I would definitely recommend this film to everyone, whether they’ve seen the originals or not, it really is a very funny film!