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This is the latest classic animation to be made into a live action film, although here the newest offering isn’t a retelling of the story but instead a continuation. We are shown Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) – or Lord John Clayton III as he is properly known – and Jane (Margot Robbie) living a normal life in London but when rumours arrive of slave trading back in the Congo, John and Jane head out there to see what is going on. Alongside them is George Washington Williams (Samuel L Jackson) who was the one to ask John to help him discover the truth. When they arrive back to the Jungle it is soon clear that Tarzan is very much still alive inside John as he reunites with his old Jungle friends and family. But unknown to Tarzan he is being hunted_B4B2657.dng down by Leon Rom (Christopher Waltz) who in
exchange for passing him on to a tribe that wants their revenge on Tarzan, will receive enough diamonds to pay for an army to take over the Congo and all who live there. However, Leon’s plan initially goes very wrong but he does manage to capture Jane, leading Tarzan and George to race across the Jungle in order to save her and stop the slave trading.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Legend of Tarzan but having loved the original classic I was intrigued to see where they would take the story. The film is actually really good, the story line is believable and really concentrates between the love that Tarzan and Jane have for each other as well as Tarzan’s emotional connection to the Jungle. We are given short flashbacks throughout the film so we can be reminded of how Tarzan ended up being raised by Gorilla’s and how he met Jane. These also give a deeper look into Tarzan now as he remembers these things too having been away for several years. Both Alexande02b56180-2124-0134-bc44-06caa2286297r and Margot are excellent in their roles, the connection between the two is really lovely and totally believable. Margot’s Jane is kind and caring but as the film progresses her fierce side comes out as she stands up for herself against her captors. Her loyalty towards Tarzan is un-faultable, and she doesn’t for a moment think that he won’t save her in time. Alexander is perfect as Tarzan/John, he pulls off the look of a Lord perfectly but as soon as he is back in the Jungle (and his top comes off…!) it is clear that he is far more at home here than in London. The majority of Tarzan’s scenes are with CGI animals but not for a second does Alexander look out of place.

Speaking of the CGI, we saw the film in 3D, and it really is spectacular viewing! Everything from the various animals to the Jungle surroundings is visually stunning. It’s amazing how far animation has come as all the animals could well have been real! 

The Legend of Tarzan is packed with action and the story line is fast-paced keeping you gripped throughout. Christopher Waltz is excellent as the villain but then it’s not the first time he has played the baddie (Blofeld in Spectre) proving that he has a talent for these roles! I was slightly surprised to see Samuel L Jackson but you can’t deny he isn’t a great actor and here his character brings some light relief into what is actually quite a dark story.

Overall I really liked The Legend of Tarzan, everything from the casttarzan_2016_joya_life to the visuals was excellent and made for a very enjoyable watch. There are moments of humour alongside the more serious and emotional scenes giving the audience a bit of everything to keep them entertained. I would really recommend this, it’s a lovely family film and if you loved the romance between Tarzan and Jane in the original then you will love this continuation of their story.