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After the success of the first film (Bad Moms), A Bad Moms Christmas brings us back into the lives of Amy (Mila Kunis, That 70s Show), Kiki (Kristen Bell, Frozen) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), this time in the lead up to Christmas. All three are struggling to create the perfect Christmas for their children, and when their own mothers show up putting more pressure on them, they decide to go against tradition and take Christmas back for themselves. What follows is a series of hilarious decisions as the three rebel against the norms expected of mothers around Christmas.

KATHRYN HAHN, MILA KUNIS, and KRISTEN BELL in A BAD MOMS CHRISTMASHaving loved the first film so much I was a little worried that the sequel wouldn’t be as good – and also that it’s too early to be watching Christmas films yet! – but thankfully A Bad Moms Christmas is just as good, if not better! This time around it’s more about the girl’s relationships with their own mothers than with their children, but it’s their determination to give their kids a great Christmas that leads them to act out towards their mums as they clash on how exactly they should be celebrating.

All three have very different relationships with their mothers. Amy’s is very controlling and undermines all her decisions as Ruth (Christine Baranski, The Good Wife, Into the Woods) is determined to have Christmas exactly how she wants, regardless of the fact A BAD MOMS CHRISTMASthat they are at Amy’s house. Kiki’s mother Sandy (Cheryl Hines, Curb Your Enthusiasm) is over bearing, the death of her husband has resulted in Sandy putting all her attentions onto her only child. She wears clothes with pictures of Kiki on, cuts her hair into the same style, and watches Kiki as she sleeps – much to the irritation of Kiki’s husband! Carla’s on the other hand, is very much a free spirit who only shows up when she needs money. Played by Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise), Isis is unreliable and has no real relationship with her daughter or grandson. She certainly doesn’t act her age and it’s clear that though Carla wishes her mum cared more for her she’ll take any sort of acknowledgement from her in the hopes that it will lead to more.

All the cast are excellent, our three leads are just the same as before bad-moms-christmas-kristen-bell-mila-kunis-kathryn-hahnand their relationship on screen is completely believable even though they are totally different characters. Their different characteristics now make more sense to us having seen their mothers and this gives us a greater connection to them as we can relate to one or more of them. There are some hilarious scenes throughout as the three friends try to relieve some of the stresses of Christmas, you will definitely be laughing out loud on more than one occasion!

Overall, A Bad Moms Christmas is a really good film, and you don’t have to have seen the first one to understand it either. It’s also not a Christmas film that is overly Christmassy – yes it’s about the run up to the big day, but you’re more focused on the characters, their relationships and their various acts of rebellion that the fact it’s surrounding Christmas is just an added extra. I really enjoyed this film, it’s a simple comedy that is perfect to enjoy with your friends and just take you away from the outside world for a bit and there’s a lovely underlying message about mother-daughter relationships throughout.