A Bad Moms Christmas


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After the success of the first film (Bad Moms), A Bad Moms Christmas brings us back into the lives of Amy (Mila Kunis, That 70s Show), Kiki (Kristen Bell, Frozen) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), this time in the lead up to Christmas. All three are struggling to create the perfect Christmas for their children, and when their own mothers show up putting more pressure on them, they decide to go against tradition and take Christmas back for themselves. What follows is a series of hilarious decisions as the three rebel against the norms expected of mothers around Christmas.

KATHRYN HAHN, MILA KUNIS, and KRISTEN BELL in A BAD MOMS CHRISTMASHaving loved the first film so much I was a little worried that the sequel wouldn’t be as good – and also that it’s too early to be watching Christmas films yet! – but thankfully A Bad Moms Christmas is just as good, if not better! This time around it’s more about the girl’s relationships with their own mothers than with their children, but it’s their determination to give their kids a great Christmas that leads them to act out towards their mums as they clash on how exactly they should be celebrating.

All three have very different relationships with their mothers. Amy’s is very controlling and undermines all her decisions as Ruth (Christine Baranski, The Good Wife, Into the Woods) is determined to have Christmas exactly how she wants, regardless of the fact A BAD MOMS CHRISTMASthat they are at Amy’s house. Kiki’s mother Sandy (Cheryl Hines, Curb Your Enthusiasm) is over bearing, the death of her husband has resulted in Sandy putting all her attentions onto her only child. She wears clothes with pictures of Kiki on, cuts her hair into the same style, and watches Kiki as she sleeps – much to the irritation of Kiki’s husband! Carla’s on the other hand, is very much a free spirit who only shows up when she needs money. Played by Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise), Isis is unreliable and has no real relationship with her daughter or grandson. She certainly doesn’t act her age and it’s clear that though Carla wishes her mum cared more for her she’ll take any sort of acknowledgement from her in the hopes that it will lead to more.

All the cast are excellent, our three leads are just the same as before bad-moms-christmas-kristen-bell-mila-kunis-kathryn-hahnand their relationship on screen is completely believable even though they are totally different characters. Their different characteristics now make more sense to us having seen their mothers and this gives us a greater connection to them as we can relate to one or more of them. There are some hilarious scenes throughout as the three friends try to relieve some of the stresses of Christmas, you will definitely be laughing out loud on more than one occasion!

Overall, A Bad Moms Christmas is a really good film, and you don’t have to have seen the first one to understand it either. It’s also not a Christmas film that is overly Christmassy – yes it’s about the run up to the big day, but you’re more focused on the characters, their relationships and their various acts of rebellion that the fact it’s surrounding Christmas is just an added extra. I really enjoyed this film, it’s a simple comedy that is perfect to enjoy with your friends and just take you away from the outside world for a bit and there’s a lovely underlying message about mother-daughter relationships throughout.





Murder on the Orient Express


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From the novel by Agatha Christie, directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh (Dunkirk, Wallander), Murder on the Orient Express follows Detective Poirot as he races to find a killer amongst 12 strangers aboard a stranded train.

murder-on-the-orient-express-kenneth-branagh-hercule-poirot-mustacheEveryone has heard of Poirot – there have been various adaptions of Agatha Christie’s novels – and so this remake (for apparently there is an original film of the novel from 1974) was hugely anticipated. This was partly due to the incredible cast of actors involved, led by the great Kenneth Branagh who gives us his own unique portrayal of Poirot – complete with a ridiculous moustache! I can’t say I’ve ever really watched any of the other Poirot stuff but there has been a lot online about Branagh’s decision to change the moustache, and I have to admit it is very distracting! Branagh is known for his theatrical jobs and here we almost have a one man show for the film is entirely dominated by Poirot – I get that the film is about the detective but with such a great cast you’d think they would have shared out the airtime! Branagh does do a great job though, his portrayal gives us a character that is clearly very talented at solving mysteries, but we also see a sense of humour as well as a deep sadness for his lost love.

Alongside Branagh there is: Dame Judi Dench (James Bond, Philomena), Johnny Depp murder-on-the-orient-express-df-07779_rgb_copy_-_h_2017(Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands), Michelle Pfeiffer (Dangerous Liasions, Scarface), Penélope Cruz (Pirates of the Caribbean, Zoolander 2), Derek Jacobi (Last Tango in Halifax, Gladiator), Willem Dafoe (Spider-man, Finding Nemo), Olivia Colman (Broadchurch, The Night Manager), Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast) and Daisy Ridley (Star Wars). As you can see a very impressive cast and all give excellent performances but unfortunately are dominated by Branagh. I definitely think they should have used this impressive cast to their advantage and instead of wasting a lot of time at the beginning following Poirot as he begins his landscape-1506000453-murder-on-the-orient-express-jdjourney, the film should have got straight into the action on the train and given us more from the rest of the cast.

Visually, Murder on the Orient Express, is fantastic. There are some stunning shots of the train moving through the snow covered mountains – all CGI of course – and the various camera angles used throughout helped to keep you guessing as to who the killer was. I particularly liked the scene when the body is found, it was shot from above so all you see is the tops of the heads of the cast and it moves along the carriage as the characters move.

Overall, Murder on the Orient Express is a good film with a great cast, but for me it was a little bit boring. It takes ages for the characters to even get on the train, and Branagh has so many long speeches that at times my mind would wander – mainly to stare at his ridiculous moustache, which is a huge distraction! It’s not a film that I would be fussed about seeing again to be honest which is not really something I should be saying when it has a cast as great as this one does! Maybe I’m just the wrong demographic for the film, but if you don’t like Kenneth Branagh then you really won’t like this!

The Snowman


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Based on the book of the same name by Jo Nesbo, The Snowman is a crime thriller produced by Martin Scorsese and follows Detective Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender, X-Men, The Light Between Oceans, Shame) as he investigates the disappearances of women where the connecting link between them is a snowman found at their properties.

40851720170905111024The story line has you hooked from the beginning and continues until the very end. There are some brilliant twists and turns, and although my friend twigged the killer about halfway through it’s not blatantly obvious as to who it is. Luckily for us it’s not scary either! The trailer had us wondering if it was a horror, but we decided to risk it and actually it’s not much of a thriller either. There’s a couple of moments where you think something might jump out but nothing like that ever happens. The ‘thriller’ aspect comes more from the chase of catching the killer, and it’s also quite gruesome with some close-up shots of some very realistic wounds!

There is a great cast, led by Michael Fassbender, who is so good at adapting to different roles and really portraying the characters in a way that makes them believable. Here he is Harry, who we see from the start has a drinking problem, and is desperate for a case to sink his teeth into to help him get back on track. Michael Fassbender is always great and here is no exception, his character is flawed but that only draws us to him more. Harry is teamed up with Katrine (Rebecca Ferguson, Mission Impossible, The Girl on the Train) who has her own agenda for taking on the Snowman case. The two detectives have very different ways of working, and with both hiding secrets it takes a while beforemaxresdefault they start to trust each other. Michael and Rebecca work brilliantly together, their characters are both instantly likeable and you are willing them on in their search for the killer.

Supporting the two leads are a host of well known names and faces: J.K. Simmons (The AccountantWhiplash), Toby Jones (The Hunger Games, Dad’s Army), Genevieve O’Reilly (Star Wars, Spooks, Episodes), James D’Arcy (DunkirkBroadchurch), Chloe Sevigny (American Horror Story) and Sofia Helin (The Bridge). Not all the names have very big parts – Sofia Helin is sadly only in the first 5 minutes – but each character brings something to the narrative and all act their parts brilliantly.

snowman380Overall, The Snowman is a very good watch. If you like crime thrillers than this is perfect for you! It has also been released just as winter approaches so the setting with snow all around is something which we can relate to very soon – hopefully without the creepy snowmen though! – the snow also helps to give an eerie feeling which adds to the tension. I actually really liked this film, the narrative is believable and the cast really pull you in so you’re fully transported into that world. I would definitely recommend it!


Home Again


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Newly single Alice (Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde, Walk the Line) moves back home to Los Angeles with her two daughters, and whilst adjusting to her new life she finds herself inviting three young guys who are struggling to break into the film industry to live in her guesthouse. There are two narratives in this film, Alice as she home-again-bigattempts to find herself again, and the three guys, brothers Harry (Pico Alexander) and Teddy (Nat Wolff) and their friend George (Jon Rudnitsky) who are on the path to getting their film created. When the lads move in with Alice the two narratives entwine creating laughter as well as some emotional and moving scenes.

I love Reese Witherspoon, she has starred in so many brilliant films of all genres but here she goes back to her rom-com roots, a role that she is so great at! Reese has a natural talent when it comes to comedy and there are plenty of scenes which will make you laugh out loud. She also has a way of making you instantly love her characters, and Alice is no exception. It is clear from the beginning that Alice is sub-buzz-27107-1504802931-1struggling as a single mum settling her girls into a new school whilst at the same time getting her business up and running. When she meets the lads the age gap between them gives plenty of comedy as Alice attempts to hide her age but can’t resist the mothering instincts towards them!

The three lads themselves also have very lovable characters, the relationship between them is sweet and you find yourself feeling every moment of their roller-coaster as they desperately work to get their film recognised. Pico Alexander as Harry brings the eye-530776candy, there’s no denying his good looks, and his infatuation with Alice is completely believable – at forty one Reese still looks incredible! Nat Wolff is perfect as the youngest of the three, it’s clear that Teddy looks up to the other two and values their advice but he is often caught in the middle trying to clear the air as Harry and George differ when it comes to professional decisions. George is the calmest of the three and is the one Alice turns to the most for help and advice. Jon Rudnitsky (a stand up comic in America) knows all about comedic timings and so helps execute a lot of the jokes.methode2ftimes2fprod2fweb2fbin2fc241d7e2-a454-11e7-9cc3-a3b3c6cd90b8

Overall, Home Again hasn’t had many good reviews – and so we went in with very low expectations – however, it’s actually a really lovely film. The narrative is simple but it’s filled with so many lovely feel good moments. Every character is played brilliantly from the supporting cast – including Michael Sheen (Passengers, Underworld), Candice Bergen (Miss Congeniality, House) and Dolly Wells (Bridget Jones’ Diary) – to the main four. There hasn’t been a light-hearted romantic movie for a while, so it was nice to just sit back and enjoy a simple film with the girls. It’s definitely one you can enjoy over and again, it’s a shame that it hasn’t had much publicity over here so unfortunately a lot of people are missing out on what is a really enjoyable film!

The Mountain Between Us


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The Mountain Between Us is lead by two brilliant actors – both British might I add! – Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. They play Ben and Alex, two strangers who are involved in a tragic plane crash and must forge a connection in order to survive in the extreme elements of a remote snow covered mountain where the plane fell. After a few days hiding out in the remains of the plane they realise that help is not coming and so they embark on a perilous journey across hundreds of miles of wilderness in order to find help. Along the way they push one another to endure and discover strength they never knew possible.

mv5byza1zdvln2mtoti1os00yjq3ltg2nwitmgi3ntq5ywfkmzvhxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyndg2mjuxnjm-_v1_sy1000_sx1500_al_Idris Elba is a firm favourite amongst the public for his roles in TV dramas The Wire and Luther, so it’s great to see his talents on the big screen. His character Ben is a surgeon – which comes in handy when Alex hurts her leg due to the crash – and he is the slightly guarded character compared to Alex’s natural curiosity and chattiness. It’s clear that he is unwilling to talk about his personal life but as a friendship between the pair slowly begins to form we eventually find out his secret. Idris is excellent in this role, it is easy to see him as a leading man and his relationship with Kate both on and off screen is completely believable.

Kate Winslet has always been a favourite of mine, of course most commonly known forthe-mountain-between-us her role in Titantic, and here she is again acting in a survival film! Her character Alex is a journalist who was on her way home for her wedding. Out of the two characters it is Alex who is determined to move from their initial landing spot, even with an injured leg, and Ben reluctantly agrees. Kate’s character is instantly likeable and the two strangers show a lot of care for each other from the beginning which only grows as the film goes on.

The vast majority of the film is shot on location and there are some pretty epic wide shots of the two figures stranded in the middle of the snowy mountainside. Due to all the snow you can really feel the coldness coming off the characters and their struggle to keep themselves moving onward when everything is so bleak around them. The scene of the plane crash itself is brilliantly shot, there’s enough to give you a real sense of panic as the two characters realise what is happening but it cuts right before impact so you are left in suspense as to who survives. There’s also a few dramatic scenes of one or both of the two falling down the mountainside to a cliff edge or dropping into ice cold water unexpectedly to keep you on your toes!the_mountain_between_us_review_idris_elba_kate_winslet

The story line is of a classic survival film and the ending is very cliche but Idris and Kate tell it very well. You are rooting for their characters to survive and though it sounds quite bleak the film does include some humour. The absolute stand out of the film though has to be the pilot’s Labrador, the only other survivor of the crash, who the two characters 171004_browbeat_mountainbetweenusdog-crop-promo-xlarge2keep with them on their journey. In nearly every scene, this dog is bounding through the snow, tail wagging and clearly having the time of it’s life!

Overall, The Mountain Between Us is a beautifully told story of survival. Kate and Idris were the perfect roles for the film and they work together brilliantly, creating characters that are believable and likeable. Although classed as a romance it’s not overly romantic, it focuses more on the survival aspect and the dangers the two face on their journey down the mountain. I would definitely recommend this film though as I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Goodbye Christopher Robin


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Everyone knows the name A.A. Milne and if not they certainly know all about Winnie the Pooh. Generations of children have been brought up on those stories and have owned the toys generated from them – I still have my Winnie the Pooh collection having never been able to throw them away! The stories themselves are much loved but the origins of where A.A. Milne got the inspiration for them was unknown. Goodbye Christopher Robin delves into Milne’s life and shows how his relationship with his son, Christopher Robin, helped to create a worldwide phenomenon.

goodbye-christopher-robin-5Domhnall Gleeson (About Time, American Made, Harry Potter) takes on the role of Milne and gives an exceptional performance. It’s clear from the start – through flashbacks bursting into the everyday – that Milne is suffering from his time serving in WW1, and adjusting back to everyday life as a well-known playwright is difficult. Domhnall plays this perfectly, there is a real vulnerability to his character whenever he is transported back to the front line due to loud bangs – which makes his distance from his son understandable. Milne clearly doesn’t have any real relationship with his son so when they are left to fend for themselves for a few days they use the time to form a bond and from this Winnie the Pooh and all the other characters are created. Domhnall is a brilliant actor and has slowly made a name for himself, his role as Milne will certainly cement him amongst other great actors. His portrayal is instantly likeable as well as believable and you are taken on a real journey of emotions.

hbz-margot-robbie-christpoher-robbin-1497555159Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad, The Legend of Tarzan) is Daphne, wife of Milne and mother of Christopher, who comes across as being quite cold, only showing love to her son on rare occasions. If this is the truth then Margot does a great job at depicting Daphne! Kelly Macdonald (Brave, Harry Potter) is Olive, young Christopher Robin’s nanny and she gives an exceptional performance. Her love for the boy is evident and you can clearly see Olive biting back her thoughts as the treatment from both parents to young Christopher is severely lacking in care and attention. She forms a very close bond with Christopher – which is true to real life as we are shown at the end pictures of the two of them with the information that they remained close until her death years later228330120-2.

The real stand out from the film though is the young Christopher Robin, played by Will Tilston in his first role. His performance is outstanding from such a young lad, every emotion is clear to see from the love towards his nanny to his yearning for some kind of relationship with his parents. It helps of course that he has the kind of face that everyone falls in love with instantly! Will Tilston will definitely be a name to watch out for in the future after this performance.



Overall, Goodbye Christopher Robin is a beautiful family film, there are moments of joy and laughter but ultimately it’s quite a sad tale of how the creation of Winnie the Pooh came about and the subsequent consequences its fame brought onto the young, real life, Christopher Robin. The opening sequence has you close to tears within minutes and the ending will most definitely have you crying! It’s a very well made film and the acting throughout is fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend it to all, and now I know the backstory to one of my favourite childhood books it brings a different feel to them and makes them all the more special.

Wind River


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Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) stars as Cory Lambert, an experienced animal hunter who is called in to help the FBI when a Native American girl is found dead on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Cory’s skills as a hunter prove vital in the search for the killer as the surrounding winter landscape is new to FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen, Avengers: Age of Ultron – and little sister of Mary-Kate & Ashley!). thumbnail_6425

Wind River is a murder mystery thriller and it certainly has you hooked from the start as a lone girl runs barefoot through the snow at night, clearly running for her life. The cinematography throughout is fantastic with some eerie scenes, like this opening, that really sets the tone for the film. Immediately you want to know what happened and as the film progresses details of the murder slowly start to be revealed. We also find out that Cory is hiding a painful secret of his own that makes his connection to the case clear and why he is so determined to find out the truth.

Jeremy Renner is great as Cory, there is a real sense of sadness behind his character, and methode2ftimes2fprod2fweb2fbin2f3e2dae22-93d8-11e7-a2ce-ce94682a575dwhen we find out his secret – in a beautifully acted scene – our understanding of him deepens. As a hunter he is used to working on his own so when partnered up with Jane there are initial clashes, but it is not long before a friendship of sorts is created. Elizabeth Olsen is perfect in this role, her character is flown in from Vegas to this little reservation in the middle of nowhere which is covered in snow. The reactions from the locals to this out of place agent immediately makes her want to prove them wrong, and when the FBI refuse to send backup Jane becomes determined to solve the case with only the help of Cory and the town’s small team of law enforcement. Elizabeth is instantly likeable in this role, she creates a character that isn’t afraid to hold her own amongst the men but also lets us see her vulnerable side. Together Jeremy and Elizabeth have a great wind_river_-_catpartnership, their characters work perfectly on screen and it is easy to see the friendship forming between them as the film progresses.

The murder mystery element of the film keeps you gripped throughout, and though classed as a thriller it’s more in the sense of keeping you guessing as to the murderer rather than being scary – which was great for me as I’m not a fan of horrors! The truth is revealed in a very clever way – just before Cory and Jane figure it out we are seamlessly windrivercover-0taken into a flashback of the events (it’s hard to describe just how seamlessly without giving anything anyway, but trust me it’s good!).

Overall, Wind River is a very good film. It’s gripping, brilliantly acted and full of tense moments as well as fast-paced action scenes – there’s something in it for everyone. Initially unsure of the film, due to no promotion for it over here at all, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s quite a serious film, due to the nature of the story line, but it’s certainly enjoyable.

Logan Lucky


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Channing Tatum (Magic Mike) stars as working class Jimmy Logan, a doting father to his daughter Sadie (Farrah Mackenzie) with ex-wife Bobbie Jo (Katie Holmes, Dawson’s Creek), but when Bobbie Jo announces she and Sadie are moving across the state line Jimmy comes up with a plan to get the money needed to fight for his parental rights.

The plan is to attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina – a logan_lucky_3_758_426_81_s_c1racetrack in which until recently Jimmy had been working construction at. With detailed knowledge of the area Jimmy believes he has what it takes to pull it off but he can’t do it alone. Therefore Jimmy pulls in his brother Clyde (Adam Driver, Girls, Star Wars), his sister Mellie (Riley Keough, Mad Max – and Elvis Presley’s granddaughter) and local bomb expert Joe Bang (Daniel Craig, James Bond). Trouble is, Joe Bang is currently serving time so Jimmy’s plan to rob the racetrack must also include the escape and return of Joe without the authorities realising.

Logan Lucky is filled with a cast of big names – which is surprising as its had hardly any promotion over here – but due to the cast and their brilliant acting abilities, this film saves itself from being a flop. The story line surrounding the heist is very unbelievable but because you are invested in the characters you totally believe their actions. It helps 17-logan-lucky-w710-h473that the script throws in a mix of funny, serious and tense moments as the plan gets underway, giving the film the perfect mix of tension and comedy.

Channing Tatum is great as Jimmy, you can really see the special connection he has with his daughter which fuels his desperation to get enough money to fight for her. Adam Driver brings the majority of the laughs as his character struggles to go along with his older brother’s wild plan, and alongside Riley Keough as their sister, the three make a brilliant trio.

logan-lucky-1200-1200-675-675-crop-000000Daniel Craig gives a very different performance to his usual suave Bond character, instead he has a bleached blond crew cut and is covered in tattoos. Daniel is a great actor though and pulls off the bad boy image perfectly. His character is also one of a trio as it’s not long before his two brothers are pulled in to help too. These are played by Brian Gleeson (son of Brendan Gleeson) and Jack Quaid (son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid), who are the ultimate stereotype of what you think American rednecks are like. Altogether the 6 characters are the least likely to be able to pull off a heist successfully and therefore it’s not surprising that they Film Review Logan Luckyface many challenges along the way.

Also starring in the film are Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, Ted) and Hilary Swank (P.S. I Love You). Hilary shows up towards the end and was definitely a surprise to see but her arrival signals a turn in the story line and yet another challenge put towards Jimmy and the gang.

Overall, the story line is very far-fetched but in a way that’s what gives Logan Lucky a certain charm. It’s definitely not the best film ever made and at two hours long it gets a little boring towards the end but when the heist is actually taking place it has you gripped. There’s a few laughs throughout and a great cast which redeems the film a lot but it’s probably one you’ll easily forget about. Also some of their southern accents don’t quite match which gets a little grating by the end.

American Made


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Tom Cruise tells the true story of Barry Seal, an American pilot who finds himself working for the CIA flying guns from Mena, Arkansas to Central America in order to provide reconnaissance towards the burgeoning communist threat there. However it is not long before Barry is offered another proposition, to fly drugs back from Central America, earning as much as $500,000 per flight, for three Colombian men who would go on – with Barry’s help – to become the wealthiest drug lords in history. Barry understandably is now living the dream, he has so much money he is literally burying it in the garden, but soon his life smuggling contraband in and out of America starts to catch up on him and he is left fighting to keep himself and his family safe.

thumbnail_26361The story line itself is very interesting, it’s certainly one which is crazy to believe actually happened and Tom Cruise plays the part very well. However the film was a little boring for me, there was just a lot of stuff going on and it was hard to keep track of who he was actually working for. Plus there’s no background to Barry as a person, the film goes straight into him being recruited by the CIA so you don’t really form a connection with him at all. The only redeeming quality about the guy is his clear love for his wife and children and as the danger of his actions starts to hit home his thoughts continuously go to them and their safety. Tom Cruise does a very good job though, the role isn’t as action packed as his previous films so you get the chance to see his acting abilities more, particularly when things start to spiral out of control you can really see Barry’s desperation start to take over.


Barry’s wife is played by Sarah Wright (Parks & Recreation) who does a great job at the role of housewife who lovingly follows Barry until the end – even when the truth of his work is revealed. Domhnall Gleeson (Harry Potter, About Time) is the CIA agent who recruits Barry, his role is strange as you never fully believe he is who is says he is. At times he is fully on Barry’s side and at others it is like he is deliberately trying to trap him. Jayma Mays (Glee, Heroes) has a very small role too, and I mean small, she’s literally in it for all of 5 minutes.

Visually, the film is full of great cinematography, there are plenty of americanmade-tom-cruise-1-hero-croppedflying scenes where we’re given birds-eye-views of landscapes as well as close-ups inside the planes. The shots are cut together to keep the action fast-paced and to keep the story flowing which helps a lot with the tension and drama that builds throughout.

Overall, American Made is a good film, it just wasn’t for me personally. I think if you’re more interested in the drug cartel and the politics in America during that time then you would find it very interesting. The only redeeming feature for me was the fact it’s a true story, but what Barry went through is so far-fetched it’s almost unbelievable!

The Hitman’s Bodyguard


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Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, The Proposal) is Michael Bryce, a former Triple A bodyguard based in London, who due to the unfortunate death of a client, has hit hard times and is now struggling to be taken seriously as a bodyguard. Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Kingsman) is Darius Kincaid a hitman serving time in Manchester Prison who becomes a key witness in the case against Vladislav Dukhovich (Gary Oldman, Harry Potter, Child 44), the former President of Belarus who is on trial for crimes against humanity. The case against Dukhovich isn’t going well as any witness’ testifying against him keep mysteriously disappearing, therefore it is down to Kincaid’s testimony to make sure Dukhovich is imprisoned. Interpol arrange for Kincaid’s journey from Manchester to Amsterdam – where the trial is taking place – but moments into the journey they are ambushed by Dukhovich’s men, making it clear that there is a mole within Interpol. Agent Roussel (Elodie Yung) who was leading the Interpol group is forced to put Kincaid under Bryce’s care. Not only is there history between Roussel and Bryce but there is no love lost between the two men either. The story continues with the men having to put their differences aside and make their way to Amsterdam all the while being pursued by Dukhovich’s men.hitman2

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is actually a very good film (I won’t lie, I was only initially attracted to the film because of Ryan Reynolds!) but both Ryan and Samuel L. Jackson are brilliant actors and know how to work comedy naturally into action films. There are some fantastic one liners and some genuine laugh out loud moments. The partnership both on and off screen between the lead men is clear to see, making their dialogue natural and believable. Both characters, though ultimately doing the same line of work, have very different approaches to their jobs and this is evident throughout as the two men clash over how to tackle every obstacle thrown their way. Ryan’s character Bryce is sensible and only resorts to killing if absolutelyhitmans-bodyguard-880x320 necessary. Kincaid on the other hand will shoot first and deal with the consequences later. Both actors play their roles perfectly, and it’s not all about the action, there are some more emotional scenes from the pair as various secrets are revealed, making us understand their characters better and forging a connection with them.

The action scenes are filmed brilliantly and there are plenty of different sequences to keep the film moving, from car chases to stairwell fights there is something for everyone. Rated 15 the violence is a little gory so if you’re squeamish maybe look away for a few minutes!

CRM_6874.NEFThe supporting cast is full of some brilliant characters, Gary Oldman is unrecognisable as Dukhovich, Richard E. Grant (Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey) has a very small role as one of Bryce’s clients but the stand out is Salma Hayek (Ugly Betty, 30 Rock) who plays Kincaid’s very unhinged wife Sonia. Sonia is herself serving time in prison in Amsterdam and is incredibly fiery 4fe81761384e45dee14b3973f73d1b5bd3e38ad5ec670a608628f026ff7b94c7towards not only her poor cellmate but towards Kincaid himself and even the prison guards. Her scenes definitely bring the most laughs and her dysfunctional relationship with Kincaid is shown to us through flashbacks. Salma and Samuel are great opposite each other, what’s very sweet though is that though Kincaid is this notorious killer he is brought down to earth by his love for his wife. This continuous declaration of love is what ultimately bonds the men as Kincaid strives to help Bryce sort his estranged relationship with ex-girlfriend Agent Roussel.

Overall, The Hitman’s Bodyguard is a surprisingly good film, the inclusion of the romantic side in Kincaid means that it’s not just another all-action film. The pairing of Reynolds and Jackson is perfect, two great actors doing what they do best by combining action and comedy. The Hitman’s Bodyguard is a fun, dramatic and very enjoyable film, there are twists and turns throughout and each character is portrayed brilliantly. If you can stomach a bit of gore I would definitely recommend this!